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Episode 7: Your Hormone Symphony Guests: Dr. Joseph Cauthen, a Florida neurosurgeon, explains neck pain (how to avoid it and how to treat it), as well as exciting developments in the treatment of severe nerve issues in the spine. Dr. Angeli Akey, who specializes in diseases associated with aging, teaches us about “your hormone symphony,” and what you can do to keep all of… Read more →

Episode 6: Secrets to Elite Performance Guests: Performance expert and sports psychologist Doug Newburg, Ph.D., tells us how to develop “feel” as skill to become a better performer as an athlete (or any arena of life, really). We discuss the value of play, as well as the difference between trust and confidence. Also, Brian Sabin, managing editor of, gives us strategies for dealing with… Read more →

Episode 5: Skin Care, Six-Packs and More

Episode 5: Skin Care, Six-Packs and More Guests: Derek Flanzraich, founder and CEO of Greatist, shares the secrets of his six-week plan for six-pack abs, including the ups and downs, how he did it, and what he learned about his body (and mind) along the way. Dr. Mona Gohara, a clinical assistant professor dermatology at Yale University, explains how to choose sun screen, the best ingredients… Read more →

Episode 4: All Things Running

Episode 4: All Things Running Guests: The very funny Mark Remy, editor-at-large of Runner’s World magazine, talks about how to run your best race and discusses the lighter side of his sport (see, “the pee matrix”). And Stephen Pribut, a podiatrist specializing in sports medicine, gives some much-needed RX for common running-related injuries.

Next Guests

Next Guests

A special running program being recorded today…. Mark Remy, an editor-at-large of Runner’s World magazine, will join us, as will Stephen Pribut, DPM, a sports podiatrist in Washington, D.C. Mark is the author of Remy’s World at and the author of several books, including the hysterical The Runner’s Rule Book. Dr. Pribut’s excellent web site on sports injuries is… Read more →

Episode 3: OTC Questions Answered

Episode 3: OTC Questions Answered Guests: Paul Doering, an emeritus distinguished service professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, talks about the crackdown on Pill Mills, the meningitis outbreak, and helps busts some myths about medications. Elite endurance athlete Robyn Benincasa tells us what it takes to have mental toughness and why she started Project Athena, a group that… Read more →

Episode 2: Breakfast Myths

Episode 2: Breakfast Myths   Guests: Health/fitness writer and editor Adam Bornstein busts some myths about breakfast and gives the scoop on the new trend in eating called intermittent fasting. And he also shares with us what might be the perfect exercise for total-body fitness. Mary Shedden, health reporter for the Tampa Tribune, shares with us the secrets to evaluating quality health… Read more →

Guests for Episode 2

We’ll be joined this week by health/fitness writer and editor Adam Bornstein, the former editorial director of, and Mary Shedden, health reporter for the Tampa Tribune. If you have a question for them, let us know here or through Facebook/Twitter.

Episode 1: The Boom in Obstacle Racing

Episode 1: The Boom in Obstacle Racing Guests: Trainer Andy Farina and fitness journalist Monique Savin. We discuss the boom in popularity of obstacles races with Andy (and the physical and mental training that goes into completing one), how to heal sore muscles with Monique, and review some of the more interesting news of the week (helloooo power naps!).

Farina in Studio

Trainer extraordinaire Andy Farina in studio (and with co-host Bridget Grogan)…