Episode 2: Breakfast Myths

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Guests: Health/fitness writer and editor Adam Bornstein busts some myths about breakfast and gives the scoop on the new trend in eating called intermittent fasting. And he also shares with us what might be the perfect exercise for total-body fitness. Mary Shedden, health reporter for the Tampa Tribune, shares with us the secrets to evaluating quality health info (hint: does it pass The Mom Test?).

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  1. Andrei at |

    When I was a kid I used to think of my body as being run by groups of liltte people sort of like a large corporation and project management. It takes many teams to interact in order to properly digest food for example, and when I don’t feel good, it’s because there’s conflict with that group that needs resolution maybe even from an outside consultant! Anyway that’s always been how I put it into perspective.

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