Episode 3: OTC Questions Answered


Guests: Paul Doering, an emeritus distinguished service professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, talks about the crackdown on Pill Mills, the meningitis outbreak, and helps busts some myths about medications. Elite endurance athlete Robyn Benincasa tells us what it takes to have mental toughness and why she started Project Athena, a group that helps women with medical setbacks achieve their adventure goals.









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  1. WebPixie at |

    Just listened to this podcast. Wow did I learn a lot! I will never throw my prescriptions out again!

    Having trouble hearing the hosts, sometimes, but the guest come in loud and clear.

  2. Alehander at |

    I love your metaphor, Cynthia! The idea of an outsdie consultant is great So far, you may be the winner of You: An Owner’s Manual by default! I think you will appreciate the doctors’ sense of humor, too

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