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Episode 21: Ironman Race Report

Episode 21: Ironman Race Report

  What does it take to race 140.6 miles? Ted and his training partner, Sean, talk to Bridget about their Ironman race: the training, the food, the demons. What did they learn? is it on your bucket list?  

Episode 20: The Future of Gyms

Episode 20: The Future of Gyms We talk the future of gyms, if sleep tech gadgets really work, the joy (and pain) of running hot dog 5Ks, and more with David Tao, the chief research officer of Plus, in News of the Week, we discuss studies about messy desks, future cancer treatments, and insights about hangovers. Photo credit: I like / Foter /… Read more →

Episode 19: More Power to You

Episode 19: More Power to You In this episode, Bridget and Ted talk to trainer Zak Bietila about everything from handstands and CrossFit to how elite endurance athletes train for power. News of the Week covers the amazing accomplishments of Diana Nyad, happiness, and how music can stave off dementia.  Plus, producer Peralta shares tells us about two of his injuries.

Episode 18: All-Around Athletes

Episode 18: All-Around Athletes Marissa King, a University of Florida and Olympic gymnast from Great Britain, and Ashley Kerr, former UF gymnast and team manager, join us in studio to discuss the training and athleticism it takes to perform at the elite level. Also, Armi Legge, founder of, discusses hot-button issues in fitness and the smartest ways to dissect health information.

Episode 17: The Concussion Discussion

Episode 17: The Concussion Discussion

Concussion expert Aliyah Snyder talks about how her experiences as a competitive athlete shaped her research about concussions. Plus, strategies for any athlete (or parents of athletes) to prevent, recognize and treat head injuries.  

Episode 16: Heal Your Body

Episode 16: Heal Your Body Michael Loomis, a sports and manual therapist, has been teaching clients how to heal their bodies for more than 30 years. Loomis, who works with athletes and those in chronic pain, talks to us about massage, strength, and the one thing just about all of us do wrong. Plus, he offers a diagnosis for Ted’s 7-year-old calf bruise!… Read more →

Episode 15: Cool New Health Gadgets

Episode 15: Cool New Health Gadgets Guests: Bridget Carey, a senior editor at CNET, joins us to talk about some of the latest health tech toys that can help you achieve your diet and fitness goals. Also, Becky Burleigh, head coach of the University of Florida soccer team, shares insights about how elite athletes train and eat (and why you should consider a good soak… Read more →

Episode 14: Better Sex, Better Health

Episode 14: Better Sex, Better Health Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an OB/GYN and pain medicine specialist, breaks down why sexual health is important to our overall health, as well as gives strategies for improving our sex lives. Also, Dr. Gunter addresses all women’s health topics and shares a bit about her very motivational personal journey.   Photo credit: Pat McDonald / / CC BY-NC

Episode 13: How Safe Is Your Food?

Episode 13: How Safe Is Your Food? How do we come up with calorie counts? Is your food safe? Should you ignore expiration dates? Food scientist Gillian Dagan, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of ABC Research Laboratories, shares the science about nutritional analysis, as well as what eaters need to know. A self-described foodie, Dagan also reveals some of her favorite treats (as well as THE one… Read more →

Episode 12: Motivation Secrets

Episode 12: Motivation Secrets What gets you fired up you? Ted and Bridget discuss the scientific characteristics of motivation, and Ted reveals his ambitious goal for 2013 (uh, what is he thinking??). Plus, BodyCast correspondent Jeremey DuVall interviews expert Rob Sulaver on the proper way to do high-intensity interval training.