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Episode 11: Are We Overtreated?

Episode 11: Are We Overtreated? Guests: Kim Walsh-Childers, Ph.D., a health expert and professor in the UF College of Journalism and Communications, discusses the era of health-information overload, plus she reveals stunning stats about overtreatment and gives tips for how to be a savvy consumer of health news. Plus, fitness guru Marta Montenegro, creator of the Montenegro Method, busts some fitness myths. Also, Bridget… Read more →

Episode 10: How to Be Heart Healthy

Episode 10: How to Be Heart Healthy   Dr. James Beckerman, a Portland cardiologist and author of The Flex Diet, shares secrets about heart health, as well as dissects the headlines to give us the essentials on cardiac deaths associated with young athletes. He also shares one of the coolest self-tests you can do to predict your longevity. Also, Bridget and Ted talk about some of… Read more →

Episode 9: How to Be Strong and Fast

Episode 9: How to Be Strong and Fast   Guests: Fitness and nutrition experts Michelle Adams and Katie Wade give us the scoop on how to time proper nutrition with exercise, the proper way to do a deadlift (work that posterior chain!), and more insights into food and fitness, such as why runners should lift heavy weights. Plus, News of the Week and Bridget shares the secrets… Read more →