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Episode 13: How Safe Is Your Food?

Episode 13: How Safe Is Your Food? How do we come up with calorie counts? Is your food safe? Should you ignore expiration dates? Food scientist Gillian Dagan, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of ABC Research Laboratories, shares the science about nutritional analysis, as well as what eaters need to know. A self-described foodie, Dagan also reveals some of her favorite treats (as well as THE one… Read more →

Episode 12: Motivation Secrets

Episode 12: Motivation Secrets What gets you fired up you? Ted and Bridget discuss the scientific characteristics of motivation, and Ted reveals his ambitious goal for 2013 (uh, what is he thinking??). Plus, BodyCast correspondent Jeremey DuVall interviews expert Rob Sulaver on the proper way to do high-intensity interval training.