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Episode 16: Heal Your Body

Episode 16: Heal Your Body Michael Loomis, a sports and manual therapist, has been teaching clients how to heal their bodies for more than 30 years. Loomis, who works with athletes and those in chronic pain, talks to us about massage, strength, and the one thing just about all of us do wrong. Plus, he offers a diagnosis for Ted’s 7-year-old calf bruise!… Read more →

Episode 15: Cool New Health Gadgets

Episode 15: Cool New Health Gadgets Guests: Bridget Carey, a senior editor at CNET, joins us to talk about some of the latest health tech toys that can help you achieve your diet and fitness goals. Also, Becky Burleigh, head coach of the University of Florida soccer team, shares insights about how elite athletes train and eat (and why you should consider a good soak… Read more →